ILOAF – Initiative for Logic and Foundations a.s.b.l.

ILOAF a.s.b.l. is an independent academic organization which promotes research, education, and outreach in scientific domains related to Logic and Foundations, emphasizing an interdisciplinary perspective.

Current Projects


Dov Gabbay Prize 2024

The call for nominations for the 2024 round of the Dov Gabbay Prize for Logic and Foundations is open.
This year our focus area is

Mathematical Logic and its Foundations.

Last year's submissions in this domain will be included by default.

More information at Dov Gabbay Prize

Dov Gabbay Prize 2023

The Dov Gabbay Prize 2023 has been awarded jointly to Dale Miller (Inria Saclay & LIX) and Mirek Truszczynski (University of Kentucky).

More information at Dov Gabbay Prize 2023